Saturday, October 19, 2013

Valvrave 14


Sibling… Issues

So we finally know the truth of these two. Once upon a time Satomi needed to ace an entrance exam. Once upon a time, Akira was a really gifted hacked who was really concerned for her brother. Once upon a time Akira got caught and things went to hell.

Yeah, bullying the hacker is a thing apparently, and Satomi turned a blind eye to it several times. Even as someone that likes Satomi I have to say that was a pretty spineless thing to do. And what’s up with that level of bullying or that lack of parental support. Satomi’s parents suck.

Akira ended up hiding in a cardboard box for crying out loud!

As an aside, does this mean since one of his character plots has been resolved, Satomi is now expendable?

Meanwhile in Germany

So... your place?
Our young antagonists relax. Meanwhile H-Neun does the important stuff.

Like going out on dates with multiple women. And as it turns out, he does like talking about his teammates. Wait, you mean he actually considers them friends? That's going to suck for him down the line.

Meanwhile, Kriemhild stalks him and H-Neun likes it.

These two are the only people in the Dorssian side that have doubts about Cain. In H-Neun’s case, he has actually seen what Cain can do. Right now, they are each other’s only possible allies.

More importantly, this means H-Neun is now on the Kriemhild Route.

Fight, H-Neun! Fight!

The fight!

Obligatory Haruto and Saki picture

Satomi really doesn’t get a break does he? Anyway, stuff happens. Issues are semi-resolved. But let’s skip that for the important stuff.

Haruto has new super duper heat claws!

They also have the nifty side effect (or maybe that’s the main effect and the cool weapon is a nice bonus?) of greatly decreasing the importance of the heating problem. Thank you! Having to be reminded of the heat gauge every time is kind of annoying.

Robots should fight without worries!

Anyway, due to the fight, the group lands on Earth, but in the wrong place. They are in Dorssia, which is going to lead them into who knows how many problems and awesome robot fights.


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