Friday, October 18, 2013

Samurai Flamenco 2

I was so damn nervous here

Jaywalkers Beware!

Samurai Flameco continues his quest for justice, all while lacking some good Spanish guitar. That should be a crime.

Anyway, it’s fun seeing the guy get so worked up about such mundane issues. Don’t take out the trash before hours. Don’t litter. Don’t steal another guy’s umbrella (which apparently is a pretty big thing in Japan. Didn’t know that).

Of course, not everyone takes kindly to that. Especially coming from a weirdo dressed in a poor man’s sentai outfit.

Ridiculous as it may seem the police may actually have to do something about our brave hero somewhere down the line.

My Origin Story

But evil is so cool!
This was actually pretty good. We really don’t think much about what small things do. What they add up to.

Littering is just littering. Who cares if it landed out of the trash can? Who cares if I crossed the street while the lights were telling me to stop?

Most people don’t care about that stuff. Unless, that stuff had consequences at some point.

Like say, a guy that took someone’s umbrella and the kid ended up getting sick. Chances of you getting sick because of some rain aren’t high, but it can happen. Consequences are a wonderful reminder of what you should and shouldn’t do.

So Samurai Flamenco, who has seen the negative consequences even the small stuff can have, cannot ignore the small stuff. It’s a rather na├»ve, idealistic sense of justice that may be overdoing it, but it’s not like the small stuff can’t have big consequences some times.

VS Umbrella Thief Man

Morphing Time!
And this was great.

Consequences. It’s just a cheap umbrella, but that cheap umbrella is worth something to someone. Goto is, momentarily, forced to agree with Flamenco, and SF rises to the occasion.

I love how he chased down the train on a bicycle. Even stopping during the red lights too.

It was just great. It’s the sort of stupid, single-minded earnestness you rarely get to see.

Even better he got the umbrella and was like “Now let’s go find the one who stole yours.” That was… damn. It was amazing. It was a great character moment for the guy.

Even got him a little spotlight too.

Which may not necessarily be a good thing.

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