Friday, October 25, 2013

Valvrave 15

Still Alive

In the Grim Dark Future...

Satomi lives? I honestly did not expect that development. Really, I thought he was going to die soon, now that most of his issues had been exposed.

But he’s immortal in the future. A vampire now. Presumably that means he will pilot a VVV at some point.
He also happens to be wearing yellow… Thunder’s going to die? Please don’t let that happen.

As for the whole, the whole godmother thing… likely they were both referring to Akira. Let’s face it, immortal vampire or not, there’s no way Satomi ends with Saki, and I say that as a guy that likes Satomi.

Also, kid confirmed for royal… L-Elf descendant? A-drei’s descendant? Haruto has a kid with Lieselotte in the future which stats a super royal line?

In the Empire

I need better friends
Kids shoot you!

We get a look at L-Elf’s past and as suspected it is not pretty. Dorssia has a crazy, killer kids academy. Crazy killer kids with super human abilities. No wonder Q-Vier turned out the way he did. Hell, if anything H-Neun is odd one for being the sane one.

Speaking of, you have to feel bad for him. I mean, those are his friends! That’s just sad.

I also liked that they are really taking advantage of their ability to take over bodies. It would have been easy for that to get pushed into the background.

Shipper Goggle’s Note1:  Haruto and Saki sit close together during the meeting. Ship is totally official.        
Sidenote 1: Saki’s regeneration seems to be slower than Haruto’s. Was it just for drama or is there more involved?

I forgot to tell you I am Immortal

One of those days
So Marie is a vampire. Once again, I am surprised. I would have thought her finding out the secret would lead her into danger which it did, just not the way I expected. Apparently, her forgotten past is tied to the VVV project given how Pino recognizes her.

Then L-Elf shoots her. Now, it was obvious what was going to happen at this point. They had foreshowed it too much by that point. Still the shock factor of L-Elf being, well, L-Elf makes up for it

Especially because Haruto had just vouched for him earlier in the episode. This is bound to make him rethink that.

Sidenote 2: Those girls that offered Haruto their curry. They want him. 

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