Monday, October 21, 2013

Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita 3

Do Tell


The demon lord’s daughter continues to adjust to the human world with mixed results. Got to say her RPG Boss style of salesmanship is commendable. God knows, I would have liked to throw a fireball at one or two claimers.

We also get a few interesting things shown this episode. First, Fino can’t use magic just yet. This bit was surprising. I was expecting her to be really powerful given whose daughter she is.

More importantly, she doesn’t seem to care whether Raul sees her naked or not.

Lucky bastard.

Of Demons and Humans

Wait, what happened to talking about the sexy underwear? 

Demons don’t have tech apparently. Which is kind of weird. It’s so damn common among humans that one would think demons would have gotten their hands on it at several points.

But, it does explain why Fino is so clueless.

We also meet Raul’s old classmate once more, Airi, who is apparently working in security… yeah right, we all saw the bunny suit.

Anyway, things still aren’t quite fine between humans and demons and why should they. There was this whole war apparently. Negative feelings don’t go away so easily. For now, Raul managed to keep Fino safe, but how long will that last?

The store has accepted her but will the rest of the world? Just how many demons are living among humans anyway?


So… there is a risk that your magical item will break and unleash horrible magic on you…

How did they get away with selling this things again? Seriously, how? Is this the beginning of a plot? A super secret electro-domestic evil conspiracy?

In any case the heroes rise to the challenge. Fight had some good moments.

Though I have to say I am disappointed at the lack of a Raul Slash.

But I do like the fanservice. 

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