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Valvrave 13

Is it me or is she unreasonably hot?

Did you miss this? I missed this.


We were going to let you guys know... someday.

We pick up right where we left off last season. So the Council of 101 (The Magius) are having a meeting. Turns out ARUS and Dorssia are the Magius’ bitches. Apparently, they generally don’t mess in human affairs, but Valvraves are a bit of a special occasion what with their vampire making abilities and all.

In any case, Dorssian leader get bitten and “turned” into a Magius.

As an aside, the blood symbol thingy (Runes I guess?) is different from Haruto’s.

Back to Module 77, Akira and Unite 6 helps turn the tide of the battle and rescues the other Valvraves.

Being able to hack enemy robot is neat.

Meanwhile, Haruto faces off against Cain and his solid energy Valvrave.

Credit where credit is due, Haruto has become a really good pilot. He makes good use of all his weapons and then some, but Cain has a bit of an advantage what with magical robot regenerating powers and all.

Also, Cain’s AI really hates JIOR for some reason. Cain wrecks Haruto’s robot and is about to steal his AI (Is it an AI?) when Haruto is saved by a timely time limit. Man, I bet it feel good to be on the other side of the trope for once. Yep, Cain, or rather his AI, can’t keep going at that level of power.

The Dorssian forces order a retreat.

Haha, no. Welcome toe the Real World.

Two months later, Module 77 is already on the Moon and they seem to have gotten quite famous. Especially Haruto and Saki.

However, not all is well. The people of New JIOr may have declared themselves an independent nation, but they are still kids. ARUS (at least I think it’s ARUS) is pretty much calling the shots by taking advantage of their lack of experience.

As for Haruto… he is in a really bad place as Saki finds out the hard. The attacks are getting more frequents and he’s literally asked to be locked up and be experimented on. Guy is really determined to not let a certain incident repeat itself it seems. Of course, not “feeding” also means he is pretty damn weak. Not exactly a good thing when one considers the plan to send a recon force to Earth.

Noticing this, Saki offers herself to him, an offer which Haruto manages to reject and runs away.

At this exact moment the Valvraves loser their color and their powers. Yeah, apparently Haruto is the one who keeps them powered up, and to keep them powered up he need to feed on others. Being the leader really sucks sometimes.

And you get no say in this.
Haruto is shocked by the revelation, and L-Elf offers to kill him. Haruto reject the offer. The curse is his to bear. Well, his and L-Elf. Because that’s who he is going to feed on from now on.

With everything fine, JIOR launches the Valvraves!

To Earth!


Haruto thought of Saki first. Ha!

There was a lot going on this episode. Plenty of stuff little moments I don’t even mention in the summary like Kyuuma selling the rights to name his VVV,  the Shoko and L-Elf moment, or the tense but short conversation between H-Neun and X-Eins.

This episode sets up a lot of threads for the season. We have the unresolved situation between Haruto and Saki, the mission to Earth, the Magius, and, of course, Haruto’s desire to become human.

It’s so not going to work out, but points for effort and all.

Welcome to the Next Generation
There is also H-Neun to consider. He has seen some of what Cain is, and speaking of what Cain is apparently turning someone into a Magius is fancy talk for getting possessed by one, which is what happened to the Dorssian Chancellor.

Which makes it pretty likely Cain isn’t really Cain at all. For many years going by what Council guy said.

Finally, we get new robot models, presumably made using the VVV Cain stole. The fights are going to be harder from now on it seems.

Which is good because trying to exploit the heating weakness each times get kinda boring.

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