Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Log Horizon 3

This is not food. Not food at All!

The Differences

The differences between the game and reality continue to be highlighted. Elder Tale doesn’t seem to have been a SAO style game with a Nerve Gear and everything. That is, it was just a game. The graphics were just graphics seen through a screen.

There is a big difference between seen something through a screen and actually being there. Even the old structures are actually old now with all the dangers that implies.

Plus the food sucks. Even if you are a chef. Although it seems like that cat can cook something good apparently.

Curiously enough, it seems like there are still NPC. Wonder what’s up with that.

My Not-so-Tragic Past

Being popular is tough
Once upon a time the main character was really smart and quite good at the game. People often came to him for help.

Problem was, people often came to him for help.

At some point a guy just has better things to do than helping someone with every little problem. Players aren’t NPC. They aren’t there to give quest hints!

This made Shiro a sad guy that wanted nothing to do with anyone.

Enter Debauchery Tea Party! The group that made Shiro feels at home until… something happened.


Assassins are Cool
The Guilds have started to move. The motive is unclear, but it may be an Alliance. Things have become really hectic in the game.

It’s even worse in the city Shiro and the others are going. It’s really a lawless zone there, and the players are going nuts. The whole thing really has degenerated into chaos.

Seems like our heroes really have their work cut out for them.

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