Sunday, October 20, 2013

HST Report #18

We begin with 50% Off Screen Chance

One Piece #725

The Strawhats run away. Law stays to fight and… it will get off-screened again won’t it?

Meanwhile Rebecca fights in the Coliseum and seems to be doing well .Who knows how long that will last?

As for the losers, seems like this guy are a few moments away from being toy-fied. Not really much to say this time around.

Bleach 553

Pulling a Halibel in 3, 2...
About as expected. Hitsugaya and Soi Fon regain their Bankai. As an extra bonus, the  Quincy they were fighting are kinda weakened due to the Hollowfied Bankai.

Soi Fon uses her giant rocket bomb and Hitsugaya creates a giant ice thing. Critical Hit!

Then again, we really haven’t seen these guys go into their super modes yet.

Naruto #651

Konoha Rasengan, bitch!

Okay so, the Kyuubi Susannoo combo is damn badass. Seriously, that thing looks great.

Anyway, the Final Clash is here!

Obito with Juubi’s power vs Naruto, Sasuke… and all the rookies. Yep, Naruto calls them and gives all of them (minus Sakura) a Rasengan and a healthy dose of Kyuubi power.

Greater Sage Art, Armored Fox’s Nine Tailed Spiral Sphere Strike?

Eh, too long. I’m going to use what a guy in a forum I frequent called it: Konoha Rasengan!

Flawless Victory!

Okay, I liked this chapter. I probably could have done with a dozen chapters of pure action with no words but this was good for different reasons. Obito is plain too powerful. If he wanted to kill every ninja there instead of putting them in an overly elaborate technique he could have done so a long time ago.

But he has a weakness, Naruto. Naruto represents everything he has stopped trying to believe.

So when Naruto doesn’t stay down and continually proves him wrong, when all his friends come to back him up in that last attack, well, that shakes him up. The scenes of [What Could have happened] that flash through his mind at that moment are a result of that. 

That’s why Obito loses.

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