Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita 2

Why doesn't the store have more costumers? 

Yes, 2, not 1. Yes, those 3 sentences in the Anime Season post totally count as a Episode 1 review.


Demon Lord (‘s daughter) at work

Fino is damn amusing to watch. Her brain is definitely wired in a weird, but damn if that doesn’t make fun. 

Why don’t the shopkeepers near my home use typical RPG Boss dialogue? That’d certainly make it a better shopping experience.

Also, seeing the way she struggles with simple phrases is just adorable.

Which makes the way she deals with the would-be thief even more hilarious. It has to suck to be that guy.

Magic is electricity

In Bed Surrounded by Beautiful Women.
Well, it was kinda apparent since last episode, but this is a world where magic has replaced electricity, which makes sense. If you have magic and it isn't some incredibly, rare secret thing, then magic for everything becomes the logical step.

See, this is why all those fictional characters who insist on keeping the Masquerade because we would misuse magic are wrong. We wouldn't. We’d just it in incredibly mundane things.

Like washing machines.

Which is kind of the problem.

What’s up with this mundane world? A world where the Raul Slash is not appreciated has no value!

I couldn't become a Hero

Damn Right!

Silliness aside, this part of the anime is kind of sad to see. Your lifelong goal being snatched right before your eyes.

Raul is crushed by the reality of his situation. His chosen goal is pretty much worthless in the current world.  

On the other hand, his two friends are still holding out for that goal. They are waiting for the right moment.

Being honest, I can’t say either of the approaches is completely healthy. Wanting to be a Hero is all well and  good but just waiting for a chance to come without even doing anything isn't going to, well, do anything. On the other hand, completely giving up is just sad.

‘sides there is something about watching someone earnestly trying to reach a goal.

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