Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Season - Part 2

Spanish Guitars. Now.

So... the hundredth post. I should probably make something special this time.

But I wont't.

That's how Hazard rolls.

Walkure Romanze

The Pictures have a cleverly hidden message in them
I am… profoundly disappointed here. Main guy kinda looks boring if I have to be honest. There’s just not much about a horse obsessed guy, and his monologue was not that great. But that’s not the issue here!

Okay, so you want to use pink-haired girl, though I apparently find every other girl more interesting? Fine.

But she cuts her hair!

That’s a crime. What’s with that stupid trope? Don’t you know how painful it is to see a girl’s long hair cut short?

Long hair > Short hair

Freezing Vibration

Hot girls. Naked girls. International girls.

International, hot, naked girls.

Also, human experimentation.

I’m okay with this. Not going to review it, but I’m okay with it.

Phi-Brain: Kami no Puzzle

Invisible Pockets are not your friends

On its third season already. Entertaining as it is I don’t want to dive into a show that’s so advance already.

Nice little twist introduced this season though

Gundam Build Fighters            

…. Yeah you guys know what I think of this one.

Samurai Flamenco


So if you paid really close attention you will notice something about all the pictures on this post.

Yep, Samurai Flamenco is going to fill one of the slots.

The Cop

Goto is an ordinary policeman who goes about his daily life. This all changes when he meets a naked guy on the streets. Not realizing all naked people are actually superheroes, he accidentally burns his clothes. A series of subsequent events, leads him to naked guy’s home who is actually…

The Hero

This is not Awkward at all

Hazama, a male model with a strong sense of justice. Using his incredible resources he had a super hero costume made. When the night comes, he becomes Samurai Flamenco! Enemy of Jaywalkers everywhere.

They fight Crime?

Problem being, this guy has no powers, and isn’t even that good at fighting. But really, what’s fighting got to do with justice? Who cares if he gets beaten up by teenagers? Or drunks?

A true hero never gives up!

‘sides he’s got Goto to help him out of trouble.


Real Heroes Never Stop wanting to be One

An interesting start. It’s not the best anime of this season. 

Actually, it’s not in my top three so far.

But there’s something here. The little speeches Hazama makes. There’s something to them. The way he cares about things that most people would easily dismiss that, nevertheless, do reflect something bigger. This is nicely contrasted by Goto's more realistic views. The interaction between the two can potentially be very good.

I want to like that; so I am liking it.

I am curious to see how this develops. 

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