Wednesday, October 2, 2013

HST Report #16

I have no words

One Piece #723

Okay, interesting chapter this time around.

Zoro and Kinemon wait outside of the Coliseum while a certain someone fanboys from a distance…

That guy is so creepy.

We also see a bit more of Doflamingo’s subordinates. Seems like more than a few of them are actually quite loyal to the guy. Meanwhile, the other Strawhats have dealt with Crazy Art Lady, and are on their way to Law.

Which is not such a good thing with Law captured by two very strong guys.

Using his Fruit power’s Law escapes… which makes you wonder why he doesn't go Shambles on the two, but whatever.

Realizing the Strawhats are close, Law tries to lure Doflamingo away… what a nice guy. Shame it doesn't work.

But Sanji arrives!

Doflamingo vs Sanji! The battle you never expected to see which will probably get skipped.

Bleach #551


Okay so Nanao is apparently really good at Kido. So good she created an Anti-Quincy barrier.

Shame the captains aren't good enough to be able to use it.

Back with Hitsugaya, the guy is losing and badly at that. Flame Guy isn't even using his Super Quincy Mode.

Thankfully he is “saved” by the timely arrival of the guy who stole his Bankai. Turns out he is the one who wants to kill him.

Also, it seems Urahara has found out how to get Bankai back.

Naruto #649

The Bro

The Five Kage arrive and the Final Battle is about to start.

Right after the inspiring speeches.

We get a few character moments this chapter, my favorite one being the Raikage rethinking his attitude towards “bowing one’s head” in light of everything going on around him.

The meat of the chapter is spent on Shikamaru though. Naruto’s chakra is apparently working to heal his friend, and the best part is he is doing it unconsciously. Shikamaru thinks about Naruto and realizes he wants to be at his side.

If Naruto is going to be Hokage he is going to need someone smart advising him.

As Kakashi tends his wound in another dimension and the Kage rally their troops, the real battle is about to start.

This time for real.

Perhaps a little unneeded, but nice chapter all the same. Plus, it cements Naruto’s role as the Savior. 

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