Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Samurai Flamenco 3

Having the same voice and body type means nothing at all!

My Not So Secret Identity

Well, this happened soon enough. It doesn’t help that he is only wearing the helmet during the video, or that they are of similar build, or that he outright admitted being a huge fan.

Yeah, Hazama needs to be careful. His manager already has her suspicions. Even people on the street are asking him if he really is that dashing hero.

Worse, a reporter is suspicious.

A reporter willing to put a one million yen reward for the identity of the real life hero, Samurai Flamenco!

Man, it is hard being a super hero.

My Childhood Hero is My New Nemesis

Awaken to  New World!
As you grow in popularity, people will imitate you. It’s only natural, but a copycat this early on? 

Congratulations, I guess.

Or maybe not so much. Our copycat is an actor who portrayed the famous superhero Red Axe!

Hazama is a huge fan.

Problem is, he’s taking all the credit for Samurai Flamenco without a shred of shame. It’s even boosting his own popularity by quite a bit after he declared himself Samurai Flamenco on national TV.

He is also bigger, faster, and stronger than Hazama. 

Naturally, Hazama decides to take back his identity.

I got myself a Master?

A speech worthy of a final battle

It is, however, no use. Hazama is a guy who gets beaten by middle schoolers and jay walkers. Against a huge guy who does his own stunts… yeah… The odds are less than good.

But Hazama has heart!

And in the end that’s how he manages to convince Red Axe to drop the whole thing… mostly. After proclaiming Hazama his successor as the Second Samurai Flamenco and announcing he is not Samurai Flamenco on TV, things should be over but they aren’t.

See, the guy is staying.

Someone needs to train Hazama after all.

It’s kind of hard to get a feel of this guy to be honest. I want to say incredibly opportunistic, but I also think he was genuinely moved by Hazama’s words.

Hm, a shameless master has appeared. 

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