Thursday, October 31, 2013

Log Horizon 4

I... I want a mountain of treasure

Okay so I am going to drop the usual format and just talk about the episode for this one.

Fun little fact, apparently the game really went out of his way to emulate the world, at least in area size. 

Everything is half-scaled. That’s… humongous. Gigantic. Big. Just how many players are there? No, rather how did they make so much field. That has to be an insane amount of effort.

Anyway, as expected there is a fight between Shiroe’s group and the guild that controls thing in the town. Cat and Healer Maid join the group.

It is interesting to note that cat guy was part of Shiroe’s old group. I wonder if we are going to meet more before the anime is over.

Shiroe and cat guy manage to successful lure the enemy leader into a one on one duel.

Huh, idiot.

Nyanta proves himself too much for the bad guy, and the leader predictably starts cheating by using his superior numbers which he should have used from the start.

Of course, Shiroe was prepared for that. Nice little bit of strategy there. In one moment of great Karmic justice the healer girl gets the final hit.

Finish it!
And Akatsuki must have one impressive attack stat. Even if they were healers and therefore squishy taking out so many just like that is pretty badass.

As a sidenote, Akatsuki also seems to have realized she is the “new girl” of the group. That’s always a little awkward. When everyone has a shared history you don’t.

I wonder how it will develop.

I  also wonder what is going on in the non-Japan areas of the game, though I doubt the anime will actually get to cover.

In any case nice episode..

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