Wednesday, November 6, 2013

HST Report #20-21

Hail to the King!

Welcome to a 2-in-1 HST Report. I am way too late with this so might as well mix them.

One Piece #726-727

So the old King was there. I didn't see that coming. Everyone is getting turned into toys. That I did see coming.

Interesting thing is that the guys that came to the Coliseum did it to investigate Doflamingo because he’s making a killing (pun intended) by inciting war in their countries.

Couldn't you guys have just come as spectators?

Anyway Toy Soldier is Rebecca's dad. Did I call it? *checks HST Report 13* Yep, I called it. I know I am supposed to feel bad about Rebecca but I really can’t bring myself to do it.

We also get a flashback to how the King lost the trust of the people and… it’s kinda dumb. The king I mean. He made the worst possible choice. Well, not the worst possible choice but still a bad choice.

Isn’t it fun how all those “don’t tell anyone about me plots” could be stopped by, well, telling people?

Bleach #555-556

Explosions are a Girl's Best Friend

After fearsome training, Ichigo has mastered the fashion. But not even his new clothes can help him cross the Snake Way!

Yes, Ichigo for some reason can’t use any of the incredibly convenient ways of getting back down to SS.

Meanwhile, Bambietta is fighting Shinji and Komamura, or rather just Komamura. Shinji is temporarily down with a case of explosions.

But Komamura has an ace up his sleeve. More like under his helmet. He’s not a dog anymore and has become all bishie. Anime rules mean he’s way stronger now.

Now, I am nervous about how this fight is going to turn out now. Bambietta already explained her power and is in her super mode. Meanwhile, Komomura is doing the revealing last which means he has the advantage.

However, Bambietta has had significant amount of screen-time and it’d be a waste if the E died now.

Kick his furry ass, Bambietta!

Naruto #654-654

Most casual Shut up Hannibal ever

Naruto and Obito talk. That’s pretty much the last two chapters. However, there are few highlights. I got to admit this is one of Naruto’s best speeches yet.

Seeing the return of the “There are no shortcuts to becoming Hokage” was pretty neat. How many years has it been since he gave that speech to Konohamaru?

As an aside, the insight Naruto has into Obito’s character is impressive.

Credit to Obito, he manages to remain firm.

Then Naruto goes full mindscrew. Seriously, that’s one hell of a mindscrew Naruto used there. It makes you wonder just what he could have become if he went evil.

That empathy of his is truly scary.

Anyway, the Alliance manages to pull all the chakra out of Obito’s body, which means we have lots of free Tailed Beasts. That should be interesting.

Now it’s Madara’s turn.

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