Saturday, November 23, 2013

Valvrave 19

A fool all along

Because I love you

L-Elf fights his way to Lieselotte. He has given away his location, put the plan in danger, and gotten himself hurt. Why?

‘cause he loves her.

It doesn’t matter if he has only met her twice before. It doesn’t matter if the time they have spend together is no more than an hour.

Laugh at him.
It doesn’t matter, he’s in love.

I have to admit this was a pretty good moment for the guy. He’s always cold and calm; so seeing this side of him is interesting. L-Elf is aware of just how stupid his feelings may seem, but he can’t help himself. He fell in love with the kind girl who saved him.

There are worse fates.

Our Vampires are Different

Which is a shame if you like younger guys
Haruto escapes with Lieselotte while L-Elf goes and does L-Elf stuff.

Once she is in the cockpit, Pino discovers the girl is not human. Yep, she’s a Magius and gives Haruto a brief lecture on just what the hell a Magius is.


Once upon a time, aliens crashed on Earth. They did not have bodies so they survived by taking over other organisms. Flash-forward many years, and you have a nifty secret society controlling the world and harvesting runes.

As an aside, this means Haruto and the other VVV pilots are artificial Magius. Haruto’s dad may be crazy but he is brilliant.

It also means L-Elf likes them old.

The Battle

I missed this. It’s a mecha anime. It’s been way to long since Haruto fought and that just won’t do. The guy does pretty good this episode, but the annoying heating problem is still present. Apparently fighting on Earth makes it worse.

Working together and thanks to L-Elf's neat plan, the team manages to escape safely.

Or would have were it not for Q-Vier (who L-Elf should have killed when he had the chance. Bad time to be nice L-Elf). Q-Vier may have the worst aim in the world, but he manages to do something.

Which means Lieselotte has to use her Magius magic.

And dies…

Damn you, Sunrise!

It also looks like Saki is getting Kallen-ed.

Double Damn you!

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