Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Samurai Flamenco 4

Secret Identity

I know Kung Fu

Already? Oh how time passes. To think just a week ago he was getting beat up by middle schoolers.

Training with an action star has its benefits. Hazama is no longer the wimp he was.

Which is not to say he is some sort of unreasonable badass. He’s just not helpless anymore. While I like the way they went about leveling him up, I’m kinda going to miss the helpless Hazama.

However, this too is a step towards being a hero.

A simple purse snatcher is no match now!

Unfortunately the guys that kidnap him are.

Enter Flamenco Girl

Cursed Driver's Exam!
Remember the Idol that appeared in the past episodes? Yeah, it’s finally her time and she’s a character alright.

See, she has actually put more thought into the whole thing beyond “put on a costume and go out to fight crime”. She has a variety of gadgets and a good car.

Girl even rescues Hazama.

Problem is, she’s a bit too ruthless.

Seriously, I feel bad for those guys. Good or evil, some things just aren’t done.

Not so Harmless

I-it's not like I think you look good in the uniform or anything
Samurai Flamenco and Flamenco Girl team up!

Together they fight crime.

Problem is, they are fighting it a bit too happily. By which I mean, Idol Girl’s equipment includes tasers, and Goto is starting to get complaints due to the excessive force the two are using.

Time for a talk.

Which ends with him getting tased. You know, in other shows this is where the friendship ends and he starts hunting them down. Luckily he is a nice guy. It also helps Hazama is really sorry about the whole thing.

He even goes the next day and makes Mari apologizes.

Mari has trouble doing it because it turns out she has a thing for a guy in a uniform and Goto fits the bill quite nicely.

That's going to be fun I can tell or maybe not given all the hints of something weird going on behind the messages from Goto's "girlfriend".

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