Sunday, November 17, 2013

Samurai Flamenco 6

Respect the Badge!

That Girl is Trouble

So Mari has been a rather interesting addition to the cast. Whether you like her or hate her, you can’t deny she brings a different energy to the show.

She has roped her friends in her crusade against crime and has began teaching them the ways of… ouch… seriously ouch.

Some things you just don’t do.

She also tries to seduce Goto. But that backfires because Goto is not a teenage harem anime protagonist. He’s not dense enough to miss the obvious hints and he’s experienced enough to calmly reject her.

Thank you, Goto.

Doesn’t stop her from theorizing he has something with Hazama though. Being fair to her, Goto is not doing himself favors there.

Chase him!

Someone hasn't watched enough Gurren Lagann

The reward for Samurai Flamenco has increased substantially.

Ten times over.

That’s a lot of money and Hazama find that the entire city is now after him. It’s the biggest movement he’s caused which shows just how much of influence his superhero self now has.

It’s nice to see even in the middle of all this madness Hazama is still Hazama. Even if there’s a chance he’s running into a trap he will do it as long as there’s the possibility he can save someone. 

It’s even better that some people will respond to that goodness. Samurai Flamenco is making changes alright.

Now with Gadgets

Hello, staple chucks
So a random guy appeared and offered to give Hazama all sort of cool gadgets.

Seems legit.

Samurai Flamenco is now better armed for his fight with crime. I got to say he actually seemed, well, superhero-y this time.

He’s swinging from a building, wears armor, can staple people together and stick to walls.

But that’s not all. Guy even fights drug dealers this time around and does really well. It seems like the stakes are going higher in this anime.

Slowly but surely, Hazama is actually becoming an actual superhero.

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