Sunday, November 10, 2013

Valvrave 17

Being rejected by a cute AI is tough


Marie is dead. After all your memories are gone the VVV goes on to eat your life, and the same could end up happening to Haruto if he keeps on piloting.


Naturally, the guy is really freaked out by this with nightmares and everything, which ends up affecting his piloting performance. By which I mean his giant robot literally trips. L-Elf is quick to notice this which leads into a rather interesting conversation between him and Haruto.

See, L-Elf can’t pilot a VVV. Sucks for him because he actually wants the power.  Haruto who has to deal with the consequences of having power and L-Elf who would do anything for it. The grass is greener and all that.

Sidenote: While Akira has her body back, Saki is still with the Dorssian group. Please don’t let her get Kallen-ed this season. That was seriously annoying in R2.

The Factory

A true hero is selfish!

The VVV team has made an alliance with the Royal faction. Part of this new partnership involves infiltrating a super secret submarine.

Turns out the submarine is a Rune-harvesting factory. Dozens if not hundreds of people are being sucked dry of their Runes and we all know what that does to people.

Confronted by this reality Haruto realizes he has few choices available. He could destroy the submarine but that will only lead to a new one being built. Seems the power of the VVV is still needed.

Before his body gives out, he will end this war!


Don't your just love a buffet?

So we get a bit of X-Eins’ and H-Neun’s past. Apparently, glasses' hero worship of Cain was born during a mission in which he saved them with his awesome sword skills.

Said hero worship is what makes it impossible for him to suspect Cain at all. Luckily for him, H-Neun realizes something is odd in glasses’ latest assignment. Even if he is working with Kriemhild in secret the power of friendship spurs him to do something.

Sadly he ends up running right into Cain, may have realized the current Cain is definitely not the Cain they met, gets a glimpse of the secret Magius conspiracy, and makes Cain and pals mess up the timing of their cool ritual.

He might or might have not gotten killed in the process.

Also the Magius are on route towards the moon right now if I interpret the end of the episode currently.

Immortals need to eat. 

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