Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita 7

"and that's how babies are made."

So I’m going to drop the usual review structure. There is no need to divide the points here, because they are all interconnected to some degree.

The battle with Amada continues and this time we have a double booking. Old lady has a (jerk) son who also bought another air conditioner.

Also, 20,000 gold difference! Just how little is gold worth in that world? No wait, can’t you give me that difference?

Amada’s cheaper product obviously wins this competition given they have the same specs. That would be that were it not for an unforeseen problem when it came to installing.

Insert Obvious Reference Here
I got to say it was blatantly obvious the slimes were the cause. The fact that it  took them so long to reach the obviously foreshadowed conclusion was more than a little annoying. Putting two and two together is not really hard when you saw the first two less than an hour ago.

As an aside, those are a lot of slimes.

Anyway, Lore uses some pretty neat magic to draw then out while using Phino as bait.

Our heroes’ plan work, and the day is saved. Plus, the family chooses them over Amada proving that customer service will always beat cheap price but uncaring treatment.

Or something.

Hello, sexual frustration
I got to say while I don’t dislike the anime, it goes a bit too much out of its way to justify Raul’s new life, as opposed to pushing him towards something better.

That said, this is the second time we see the Magic Eater problem and it seems we now have a Salamander problem as well judging from the ending.

Finally, is it me or is Phino entering demon puberty and just locked onto Raul. 

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