Friday, November 1, 2013

Valvrave 16

Burning Red!

I was a Secret Valvrave Pilot

As shown by last episode Marie had a relationship with the Valvrave. She was the first test pilot for the system; even before the giant robot was build apparently.

Problem is, something went wrong and Pino ended up eating all of her memories. Yeah, apparently Runes also includes memories. I am not sure if it is just memories or if Runes also include other things. L-Elf better watch out, because the guy is Haruto’s only feeding source.

Being fair, this rapid loss of Runes happens because Marie’s limiter doesn’t work right. This seems to be something related to her rather than the VVV, otherwise Haruto would lose quite a few years every time he piloted.

Or maybe he just hasn’t tried to push the machine hard enough

Rock Falls

In Dorssia....
Childhood friends ruin everything, especially when they know your secret strategies to kill people.

The unexpected intrusion of A-Drei messes up L-Elf’s plans. It is only quick thinking by Saki that manages to save the operation by just a little.

And by just a little I mean the enemy may be confused now, but the good guys are separated and the VVVs are getting their asses kicked by the new machines.

Even if they seem to have energy problems, it doesn’t matter much when you have an army backing you up. 

With their main weapon rendered useless, most of the students end up captured and Haruto is separated from the only useful VVV.

I can make more

At least Dream
Under these circumstances Marie pilots the VVV once more even knowing she will lose more of her memories.

Results are impressive.

Maybe it’s because she uses so much Runes but damn!

As a sidenote, it’s a good thing the new robots had to withdraw. Would have been hard to pull a heroic rescue like that.

Marie manages to save the group… at a cost. Her memories are completely gone. She may have been left a vegetable. I was not expecting that. I was seriously not expecting that. I didn't care that much for her, but I'm kinda sad.

Sad as it is to say, Marie’s sacrifice didn’t fix everything. We have no idea where Saki’s body is and she is still possessing that guy form the institute. Same for Akira.

In the midst of despair the royal faction offers to lend a hand! So that civil conflict is about to become relevant then? Interesting.

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