Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Samurai Flamenco 5

She Crazy

The opening is growing on me, but seriously, Spanish Guitar! How hard was that when the title is Samurai Flamenco?

Give me Flamenco!

The Duo

People are still trying to find out Samurai Flamenco’s identity. This includes faking crimes in order to catch him. A million yen is a million yen (around ten thousand dollars apparently).

Unfortunately for them, Flamenco Girl is on the scene. She’s nowhere as nice and will kick you in the balls.

But she’s also two million yen.

Priorities and all that.

At this rate our heroes are going to be the cause of more disasters than they solve. The police are of the same idea, given that they have a brand new section where people get to complain about their new superheroes. Guess who gets stuck with the job?


I got Nothing
The current events really don’t sit well with Hazama. Flamenco Girl may be kind of crazy, but she’s wearing the metaphorical pants of the relationship.

This would not be so bad were it not for the fact that Flamenco Girl is, well, Flamenco Girl.

In order to sort things out Hazama needs some time for himself. Good thing he has a role in a sentai show. This allows him get some much needed perspective on things. Sadly, working close to the Sentai he so loves disappointed Hazama.  The magic is gone if you get too close.

Meanwhile, Flamenco Girl finds superheroing on her own is not as easy as it looks.


We'll always have that Double Rider Kick
However Hazama gets a letter from his now dead grandfather. See, Hazama’s grandfather had told him stories about Samurai Flamenco as a child, which later inspired his super hero identity.

I got to say I loved the letter.            
When faced with danger he will never give up. He will never run or hide. He will not lose to any foe. When evil is loose he will never accept it. Infinite Energy! Eternal Presence!

The strength of a Samurai. The passion of a Flamenco!

That's the totally corny stuff that inspires you.

Re-energized and with a cool new helmet and a brand new attitude Flamenco returns. This time he won’t be a lackey for Flamenco Girl.

She is surprisingly okay with it.

She has three new ones after all.

Goto is going t have his hands full.

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