Friday, November 15, 2013

Valvrave 18

That could have gone better


The alliance with the Royalists pays off when ours heroes are told of the coming attack to Module 77. Ancient vampires don’t really play along with the whole neutral territory stuff.

With the coming attack the kids are forced to decide between abandoning their mission and going to defend module or stay and finish their mission at the cost of their home.

Let’s face it the VVV are the only form of military power New JIOR has. Without that they get slaughtered. Then there’s also the still missing Saki to consider.

It is surprising to see that they turn to L-Elf during this time. They have really come to depend on the guy, and luckily for them he has just the plan to fulfill both objectives at the same time.

Between the girl and the world of course the girl is more important!

Consensual Kidnapping?
Now this cool plan of L-Elf, like most plans, requires objectivity and stuff. The things L-Elf is good at. 

Unless a royalist, for example Kriemhild, blurted out his real name, Michael, which led to him using his impossibly good deduction skills to deduce the girl he is doing all of these for is within reach.

Cue abandoning the mission and charging head on towards the palace.

Luckily , Haruto managed to keep the group together there.

After using his cartoonishly good skills, L-Elf blasts his way in and meets Lieselotte for the first time in years.

This time he has a country he can take her to.

Sidenote: 61 people in line for the throne? Royals were busy I see.

My Dad’s a Mad Scientist

In the future all cool kids will do it
So among the people the kids were going to rescue was Haruto’s dad. His dad who, as far as Haruto knew, worked at a pharmaceutical company.

He was actually in charge of the VVV project.


He is also crazy. Brilliant but crazy. See, the VVVs aren’t actually meant to be weapons. The Valvrave was meant to create an entirely new form of life to rule the universe*

Oh and he also genetically modified his own son and possibly every other kid on the school.

Naturally, Haruto punches him in the face and tells him he is going to smash his dreams.

*I guess he succeeded there, given the flash-forwards to the big galactic empire.

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