Thursday, November 14, 2013

HST Report #22

Respect the Mustache

Bleach #557

So Komomura’s Bankai has a new form.

It has a mustache; so just like Turn-A you know it’s badass.

It’s also an immortal zombie, because Komomura is an immortal zombie now. Yeah, the whole ripping out his heart was quite literal. Guy’s already dead.

That’s cheap.

I really don’t want Bambietta to lose yet to be honest. On the other hand Komomura went pretty damn far to stack the deck in his favor. On a metaphorical third hand, chapter ended on a cliffhanger which raises her survival chances quite a bit.

I can only trust Kubo's troll ways wing in my favor this time.

One Piece #728

Can you feel the heroism?
We continue with the story of how Doflamingo got the kingdom. As expected, he comes in and “rescues” the people from the King.

Interesting thing is that Violet used to be part of the Royal Family.

Yeah, I’m betting anything she has a husband she doesn’t remember ‘cause he is a toy. 

Sanji just win can’t after all.

Meanwhile in the Coliseum, Bellamy prepares to do something.


Naruto #655

God Tree? I'm going to nuke it!
All the tailed beasts are now free! Fun!

Also, we get ore hinting towards Naruto maybe, perhaps, sorta being the reincarnation of the Sage of the Six Paths.

Then Kakashi moves sin to kill Obito and everyone cheers him because fuck Obito.

Now, Naruto just can’t have that. It’s not a matter of letting Obito get away scot-free. The guy flat out told Obito he was going to come with him to receive his punishment two chapters ago. It’s a matter of moving away from the whole “let’s kill the other guy” ideology that made an utter mess of the world. Naruto has convinced Obito to see things his way. Now it’s Obito’s time to own up to his mistakes.

Thankfully Minato stops Kakashi.

I got to say the talk between Kakashi and Obito was pretty good. Kakashi is more jaded than Naruto which gives a different perspective in this argument. Kakashi acknowledges Obito’s path. He tells him that yeah, maybe he’s onto something.

But he’ll still choose Naruto’s path.

Naruto won’t give up and even if it looks like he will fail, he will have people he trusts to support him.

As an aside, that’s one big Rasengan.

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