Monday, November 11, 2013

Log Horizon 5-6

She's adorable

Alright so as I have done a few times before this will be a double review of Log Horizon, I have left this stuff pile up way too much.

NPC are People

We all know these guys. They’re the guys that will say the same line over and over again even after you have saved their entire village.

Worship me, damn it!

Anyway, something has changed when the game became real. They aren’t just a set of 0s and 1s anymore. They can speak. They can think. They have families. They have memories

That’s some damn advanced AI, if it’s even AI at all. Is this a virtual reality? The game like way things are working in several fronts suggests it. But why go through the trouble to create so many AIs. Who exactly is behind this?

At long Last Food

He's the Chief for a reason
Nyanta  cooks for the party and it tastes like real food.

Turns out the key is not using the cooking menu at all and just doing it the normal way. However, Cooking Skill is still required. You can try to cook on your own but without a good level of cooking skill it will end up turning into a horrible paste.

It’s a rather interesting mix of game mechanics and actual real world skill. I wonder if we are going to get more of that in the future.

Class War

A Master sells out his servant... and we don't even get to enjoy it!

More like Guild Wars really but that name is taken. While Shiroe and pals were out of the city, the order solidified.

Strong Guilds on top. Weak Guilds at the bottom. Best hunting places go to the best guilds. Meanwhile the weak guilds get the leftovers. Don’t you just love people’s ability to make anyplace stratified?

This new orders leads to a more peaceful city but not exactly a happier one. High level players and guilds have all the power while low level prayers are pretty miserable. One guild is even using the low level players to harvest their Exp. Potions.  It’s pretty much forced labor.

Now these guys made on crucial mistake. They took kids that are friends with Shiroe.    
Log Horizon

Hero Mode Activated!

Problem is, if you haven’t noticed already. Shiroe takes a long time to actually act. He’s kind of indecisive that way.

See, the guy has a thing about guilds… which is weird for a guy that’s already part of a group but whatever. Shiroe hates the ugly side of guilds, the ugly side of people.

But, well, that’s just basic. People aren’t perfect so when you gather a lot of them a lot of things can go wrong. At the same time a lot of things can go right.

A guy needs to risk it at times. Believe you can really make the best of it instead of the worst and all that.

After receiving a pep talk from Nyanta, Shiroe finally musters his resolve.

Witness the birth of a new guild, Log Horizon!

Time to clean up the town! 

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