Saturday, November 9, 2013

I couldn’t become a hero so I reluctantly decided to get a job! 5-6

Smile and don't talk about your favorite Hell

So I’ll cover the two latest episodes this time. I have been rather busy lately and if I don’t do it like this probably won’t catch up anytime soon.

The Competition

The awesome might of Wallmart knows no foes!

Okay so it’s not called Wallmart. It’s called Amada Magic and the Poison Swamp Fino may have helped a bit to scare the costumers away…

Anyway, a big magic shop has just opened in town. With several levels and floors, dozens of workers, bunny girls, fabulous prizes and singers!

So yeah, it’s pretty much better in every way and it might take away business form our heroes’ store entirely. With all that in mind, an espionage mission is necessary.

Personally I would have gone with Fino’s [Make a sacrifice to the evil gods] plan, but this also gives us a good opportunity to see the girls in casual clothes so it’s all good.

Bunny Girl

Bunny Girls are good for the soul

Funnily enough this store is also where All-A is working.

The Security job? Yeah right. We all knew that wasn’t it. The poor girl is working wearing a bunny girl suit. While I am a fan of the outfit, I do not envy the harassment. Some costumers are just mean.

Anyway, after missing each other numerous times, she and the “spies” finally meet. This leads her to admit she seriously hates this type of job. Raul may have adapted, but her case it’s not exactly the same.

Besides, if you know your skills are worth more it’s got to be kind of humiliating working in a job like that.

No offense to people working in those types of jobs. Hell, I have been there.  Which is why I know it’s not everyone’s first choice.

Wallmart is Evil

Those dead eyes dream of revolution!

It kinda goes with the whole conglomerate thing. There is always a silent evil there.

See the store sells at rather cheap prices when compared to everyone else. Well, there is a reason for that. 

Really good mass production.

The kind that can only come from exploiting lower class workers.

Like monsters.

Who are being literally worked to death. That’s… pretty damn grim for this type of anime. That’s also going to backfired horribly.

There are also hints of something going on with monsters if the slime that appeared this episode is any indication.  

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