Friday, November 22, 2013

Log Horizon 7

Fear the Glasses

 Paperwork is out to get me.

Shiroe’s crazy plan to get 5 million begins!

The first step is hunting and… paperwork?

Yep, lots of paperwork. Marie has been locked in her office for three days signing papers. Being the leader is a tough job. Who know bureaucracy was so dangerous?

I wonder if that’s why we have so many middle management nowadays? Delegation is a wonderful thing.

Back on topic, Marie learns that people who wear glasses are all demons. An important lesson to keep in mind given the number of characters that wear glasses in this anime.

As an aside, Naotsugu has been tamed.

Crescent Moon

Thank you, Henrietta
We get a lot out of Crescent Moon this time around. Okay, not a lot but more. They are the ones running around to prepare Shiroe’s big plan; so the spotlight is on them for the moment.Fox and Dog guys make an interesting pair, and Dog guy’s doomed crush on Marie is fan if sad.

But really, poor guy.

Fighting a Boss Monster alone with the power of love was cool. Thankfully, he was not conscious when told giant monsters don’t make the best food.

At least he got a lap pillow out of it.

Also, Marie and Henrietta knew each other in the real world. Interesting.

Sidenote: I really like that killing the monster just gives you an item but capturing means you can use the whole thing. I enjoy things like that in this anime.

The Plan

Heaven! Greasy Beautiful Heaven!
Shiroe’s plan starts.

And it’s delicious!

See, currently the number of people that know the secret of true food are limited. The number of people who have gone weeks without tasting real food is great.

The number of people willing to pay for pricey food as long as it tastes like food is a given.

Of course even that number of customers isn’t enough to earn 5 million in short amount of time. Onwards to the next stage!

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