Sunday, November 24, 2013

Samurai Flamenco 7

Bored Now

Peace at last?

Samurai Flamenco’s efforts have not been in vain. Crime has gone down. The city is at peace.

Which means some people have nothing to do now.

Like a certain idol group who fight crime by night. No crime is boring. Even Goto has less work now, and he might find himself back in a regular police job soon enough.

Yep. Everything’s just fine.

So of course it can’t last.

I have a dark past?

He looks familiar but those glasses...
Hazama keeps reading the box of stuff his grandfather left him and finds something shocking.

Turns out, his parents didn’t die of illness. They were murdered. This puts a rather dark twist on the whole “Samurai Flamenco” thing his grandpa created for him.

Think about it, his grandfather raised Hazama to have a strong sense of justice, a guy who will always fight evil.

Someone who will continue the job he could not finish and find the killer.

Did he raise a child with the purpose of leaving the job of revenge up to him? Rather dark if it’s that.

For his part, Hazama is confused. He doesn’t know how to feel, because he is not feeling anything. It’s normal. He never met his parents. It’s normal to feel removed from that situation.

Thankfully, Goto’s pep talk work and just in time too.


Samurai Flamenco is going to be Chief for a day.


It’s a publicity stunt. Just accompany the police on a simple drug bust. Look pretty for the camera and say some nice stuff.

All’s going well… until a guy turns into a gorilla.

A gorilla with a guillotine in the torso.

A talking gorilla with a guillotine on his torso.

Who kills cops.


Flamenco and Goto barely beat the guy by throwing him out of the buildings, but King Torture appears! The fight against evil has only just began.

I did not see that one coming. I knew things were going to get more superhero-y but I didn’t expect this 
magnitude. I am almost positive this wasn’t a hallucination either.


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