Friday, June 7, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama 10

Don't Mess with McDonald's Employees!

A brilliant return to form!

Okay so maybe not “brilliant” but it is a good return to form.

I have to say seeing the big bad demon lord scared of being sent to Greenland is hilarious. Thankfully he is just being sent to help out at some sort of amusement park, which he doesn't mind. Man, I hated when they sent me to help out in other stores.  The guy is a seriously earnest worker. Hazard is kind of jealous. 

Anyway, this little visit means that all the characters have to go there and that means one thing, Swimsuits! 

Yeah, you thought there was going to be a group shot here didn't you?

The trip provided lots of funny moments. Emi’s reaction upon seeing Chiho’s breasts (complete with appropriate burger comparison) was priceless, as was Suzuno’s first “swimsuit”. 


The episode contained plenty of jokes but my moments favorites had to be the one that involved juxtaposition. There is just something funny about watching Emi and Chiho talking about their problems with lizards while each is actually talking about completely different things. It puts their differences in perspective while at the same time kind of brings them together. Neat.

We even get a bit of action at the end with Maou showing off his badass side against some crocodiles, which brings a good point. Maou once again didn't take as much power as he could have. When Lucifer brings up the suggestion, no one looks particularly excited about it.

Remember Kids: Being a Hikikomori is not all Fun and Games.

More to the point, going to haunted houses and harvesting should be pretty damn easy. There is really no need for Maou to do the stuff he does. Only, he is doing it, and he is smart enough to know the alternative so he wants to do it. He wants to live that way.

Hazard really wonders just what happened to change the guy who was trying to take over the world.

Also, James is an angel!!

The guy did say he would protect the world from devastation…

As the final episode draws near it seems this arc is really building up steam. I really look forward to what happens next. 

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