Friday, June 21, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! 12

He fought bravely.

Before starting this review, let us have a moment of silence for something great has been lost.

Dullhahan we shall miss you.

Okay, now that’s done, let’s start. Technically we have one more episode after this, but this is the big “climax” of the arc and what a nice climax it is.

First up we have Suzuno, the evil Dullahan killer. Who is just so cute, I can’t stay mad at her. I want to say her change came a little too easily, but the fact is she never liked doing all the inquisition stuff. The friends she has made on Earth just offered something she wanted more than what James (still calling him that) wanted her to do.

Adorable. Seriously Adorable
Sidenote, Suzuno covering her eyes when Maou takes his clothes off was adorable.

Then we have Lucifer. Olba escapes and calls his old crime buddy. Hazard will admit he was worried for a moment there. Him actually using Olba’s ritual to power up Maou, then take away James’ power source was a surprise. What really made the moment for me was his little speech afterwards though.

The guy likes being on Earth. Like being on that small apartment… and likes being a lazy bum. Awesome.

Don't Mess with the Overlord
Finally, the star of the show, Maou. We get to see plenty of different sides of Maou here. Worrying about the price of a new bike, delivering speeches to Suzuno, talking about his responsibility as a McDonald’s employee, bragging about his underwear, and even being all menacing and overlord-y against James. All of those are sides of him.

He has chosen to live like this. No clue why yet, but one should never doubt the Overlord has chosen to be a McDonalds employee. He really is different from his former self.

As for the fight scenes themselves, they were good. Not exactly top notch fight choreography or anything like that, but nevertheless well done.

Man, Hazard is so sad this is ending next week. Really hoping for a second season.

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