Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HST Report #3

Manliness... maybe?

One Piece 712

More is revealed. The truth about Doflamingo’s origins may be even greater than we thought. Could this guy actually be related to the Celestial Dragons? An Illegitimate Son maybe? Damn, it sucks to be Law right about now.

But enough of that, Sanji is awesome.

Yeah, that’s Hazard’s verdict for this chapter. Sanji is awesome. Sure, his attitude towards women may get him in trouble some times (make that a lot of times) but damn if it isn't admirable in its own way.

Not doubting a woman’s tears indeed.

First time in a long while, I really enjoyed a One Piece chapter.

Bleach 543

A Sharp-Dressed Man Wins the War

Heh, Mask de Masculine. Manly Mask. 

Wrestling Masks are the manliest!

Anyway, this chapter gave us a look at the Quincy. Ishida gets a super promotion and it's not taken well among them. Of course, when the Emperor tells you to do something you do it. 

The chapter was a good (if short) look at the inner workings of the Quincy ranks and the relationships between the various players. Short chapter but that’s expected by this point.

Also, didn't weird (not manly) mask get killed by Old Man Yama.

Naruto 636

Goodbye Childhood!
Kakashi vs Obito. The Final Fight.

After a round of Genjutsu (Damn Genjutsu) Kakashi and Obito get on with their final showdown. The battle was fast paced and with no speeches. Pure combat with a side of flashback to one of their spars when they were genin. 

The fight was done at a surprisingly brisk pace, but that may be for the better.

Obito loses the fight, but the war is not done yet. Obito is down, but Madara has one trick remaining. I will admit putting a fail-safe on the Zetsu parts was pretty clever. Things are heating up as the end draws near.

Will we see Juubi's final form next chapter? How about that Hashirama vs Madara, ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny?

Final thing, as you may guess, no update tomorrow.

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