Friday, June 28, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! 13

The Inevitable Parting


So, in this last episode there are a few main things I want to talk about.

The main plot ended with one cool fight last episode. Thus, this one can be considered an epilogue in plenty of ways. For starters, we wrap up the Sariel plot with this episode. The characters  are not going to be rid of James any time soon it seems, and a forbidden (one sided) love between managers blooms!

Meanwhile Chiho has to deal with her own fears. I got to say the way they lamp-shaded the usual “Okay, so no we have to get back to our world” was brilliant. It’s a natural fear for Chiho to have, and I am so damn glad that situation didn't pop up here.

A True Demon Lord Gets All the Girls

Of course, just because the action is over doesn't mean everything is. Our heroes still have to deal with the dangers of everyday Tokyo. Truly, it is a den of vipers. Seen Lucifer fall for a scam, Maou play the part of complaining costumer, and Ashiya being tricked into “working for evil” was just funny.  The show really doesn't need big fights to be amusing as hell.

Kind of like Batman gardening.   
The last thing in the episode that needs discussing is the relationship between Emi and Maou. They have been growing closer over the course of the show. Not necessarily in a romantic sense, but it is undeniable that they are way closer than when it all began. Still, there are barriers. There is history. Maou is still responsible for the death of Emi’s family.

Will they ever overcome those issues?

The final scene answer with a positive.

Crazy Faces I will Miss You

Overall, this has been an amazing anime. The show is smart, funny, and doesn't take itself too seriously. The characters are entertaining and go beyond their stereotypes.  I recommend this to anyone. Really.

Hazard truly wishes for a second season.

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