Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! 9

Faces. The Faces.

I’m going to be honest. This episode dragged on a little. I enjoy the characters and I don’t mind having pure slice of life shenanigans, but somehow this episode felt a bit too slow. Mind you it still had some good moments.

Like, the duel of titans. The eternal competition.

KFC vs McDonalds.

Yes, Hazard knows that’s not what they are called in the show, but come on! They totally are!

Now as much as I owe McDonalds for providing fast, cheap food during my college years we all know who would win this particular contest. Sure enough, Maou’s McDonalds is practically deserted.

Thankfully, Ashiya is there to learn all the delicious secrets of the competition.

To even eat the bones. What Loyalty!

Being 100% frank, the guy stole the show this time. I may be a little biased in saying that, but who the hell cares? My name is at the top of the page. I reserve the right to be biased.

Seriously, Ashiya is the best underling/house-husband/mom ever. Today he adds spin doctor to his title list by reinterpreting the relationship between Emi and Maou as a rivalship between building companies. He even gains a fan while at it. Plus free food. It was a brilliant moment… which may be why I did not enjoy the rest of the episode as much come to think of it. Hard to compete. Lack of Ashiya doesn’t help

Anyway, Rika decides to see the much talked about Maou with her own eyes. Maou, needless to say, does not make a good first impression what with currently being the middle of getting his ass kicked by KFC and all.

Until Tanabata!

A clever trick that no doubt turned around the competition. Magic is in the air. 

Literally it seems.

At the last moment we build up the plot a little with Maou seemingly using magic to lure humans into the restaurant.

Or did he?

Hazard is of the impression the guy is being incriminated. Emi is right there after all. Would he really use magic like that while risking being so easily discovered? Would he use magic like that at all? Hazard, somehow, doesn't think so. The earnestly working Maou doesn't strike him as the type.

In any case after a few minutes of slow down the episode picks up the speed and promises many things to come.

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