Monday, June 3, 2013

Suisei no Gargantia 9

Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! 

And the inevitable turn for the dark arrives.

Now let’s be honest, we have all been expecting it. Underage belly dancers don’t change the name of the guy behind all this, Gen Urobuchi.

In hindsight, Hazard should have seen it coming. That whale-squid had an ass.

But before we go into all of that, I’ll start by admitting something. I was kinda wrong about Chamber’s battle power and the overall chances of the group.

Harpoon Mode Chamber slaughtered those Hideous (still not bothering with the correct spelling).  Pinion’s side actually has pretty good chances of slaughtering the whale-squids. Unless Evolution happens… something entirely possible.

Anyway, onto the big twist. I mean yeah, Pinion’s flashback was nice and all but come on! Soylent Green is people!  

Yeah, we finally find out what happened to Earth. Hideous were humans. A group of humans called the Evolvers evolved themselves into squid monsters. War happened. War followed humanity into space. Granted we should keep in mind that we found the records of the Evolver’s side of things.

It seems the Alliance (or rather its ancestors the CU) threw the first blow. I can kind of get it. If I had mad scientists doing mad science on my backyard I sure as hell would try to throw them out. The fighting keeps on going, for years apparently which says a lot about the combat potential of the Hideous (back then Evolvers) given their smaller numbers.

And our Empire shall be known as R'lyeh!

The curious thing is that when the Alliance tries to open a worm whole and leave the planet (basically giving up and leaving), the Evolvers follow. Those are not the actions of someone who doesn't want to fight.

Of course, I’ll admit that trying to find a wrong side to what happened on Earth is almost meaningless now. It happened ages ago.  


Now the important part, Chamber and Ledo.

Ledo has had his world flipped upside down, thrown in the shredder and burnt to ashes. It is not a nice place to be, and I have to wonder how he will develop from now on. Plus, how will it interfere (or maybe not) with Pinion’s plans.

Honestly, I’m dreading that at the end Gargantians will be portrayed as “right all along”. That would be way too disappointing.

On Chamber, I had always wondered. He is a bro, but ultimately just an extremely advanced AI. He is a Hideous killing machine, even more so than Ledo. When Ledo tries to stop him from killing the Hideous, he can’t. Programming takes priority. This may be the first crack on their relationship, or maybe not.

Hopefully not, Hazard likes Chamber.

Now for Today’s If Hazard had to pick a Side:

Continental Union.

I’d rather be the guy that tried to run away from the battle even though he threw the first punch, than the squid guy who said, “I’m turning into a squid for space travel” then went, “Fuck, those guys made a fast way for space travel. I’m using that instead.”

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