Wednesday, June 19, 2013

HST Report #3

Totally Not Nazi

Bleach 542

Ichigo… shows off his sword.  That’s pretty much the chapter.

I mean yeah, it is a cool visual with the sea evaporating and the two swords and all but … meh.

I guess I should try to be somewhat fair here. The monologue and the two swords are Ichigo coming to terms with himself, all of himself. Kind of like some final character development before the end.

Not really a fan of the whole power boost excuse; so I can’t say I care about it. The guy just got a redesign like an arc ago! Why was this needed?

Naruto 635

More than 600 chapters and still the weirdest

I’m one of the first guys that will defend Naruto. What can I say? Hazard enjoys the loudmouth ninja.

This chapter had pacing issues though.

 We have three things happening: Orochimaru healing the Kage, Team 7 Issues, and Obito vs Kakashi.

The first took most of the issue. While funny, the scenes between Suigetsu and Karin could have been omitted with minimal loss. Obito vs Kakashi covers all of one page and it was so sudden that I had to wonder if I was missing a page or two. We could have done with a few jokes less and one more page there, because damn it was sudden.

I enjoyed the scene between Tsunade and Orochimaru. Orochimaru doesn't say anything new (though the callback to his conversation with Sarutobi was nice) but him saying it to Tsunade somehow gives it more credibility. 

He has changed, which doesn't mean he has turned good just that he wants to take a more observational role. It's unknown just where this will lead given just who Orochimaru has chosen to observe. 

The part with the rest of Team 7 raises an important issue. Just because they are on the same side doesn't mean that everything is all sugar and sunshine now. There are still ideological differences between Naruto and Sasuke, as shown by the ‘Let’s rescue the Bijuu’ vs ‘Who cares about that let’s kill them all’.

There is tension there and others have started to feel it.

Some people were worried that a fight between the two wouldn't happen after he decided to join the fight against Juubi. I said back then (and still say) there is no way these two won’t fight.

Final note, no update tomorrow.

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