Saturday, June 29, 2013

Valvrave the Liberator 12

You only get images related to Cain this time

The end. For now.
Saki and Haruto
For the first time, I am not leaving them for last. Sadly, we won’t be getting vampire babies anytime soon. Saki rejects Haruto’s proposal.
Likely, because of the whole “I’ll take responsibility” thing.
Saki does not want Haruto to be with her out of a sense of guilt and responsibility, thus she rejects the proposal. She even pushes him towards Shoko, which does not mean she does not love him. We clearly see just how much it pained her to reject him once she is alone.
For his part, Haruto is once again able to see through Saki. When she talks about being an idol and how what happened between her and Haruto was nothing special, the guy immediately realizes that’s not the truth (If you actually believed Saki there, then Hazard doesn’t know what to say to you).
While the proposal was shot down, the issue is far from over. Haruto is a surprisingly stubborn guy. Right now the battle took priority, but I wonder what he will do in the future. One thing is certain, Saki is not getting rid Haruto's attention anytime soon.
Akira and Shoko
They did what to her hair? A hose? What?

L-Elf is the worst therapist ever. Thankfully Shoko manages to temporarily snap out of depression thanks to her desire to help Akira.
Credit to Satomi here. It probably took a lot to ask for Shoko’s help.
We see what happened to Akira… and boy, that was messed up. Seriously. Where the hell were the teachers? In any case, Akira tries to push away Shoko, but she is no match for Friendship Power!
Unilaterally declaring friendship is totally the best way to go.
The entire sequence was cute. Akira trying to push Shoko away. Shoko having none of that. Finally, Akira overcoming her fear to save Shoko.
Plus Boku Ja Nai. I love that song.
Welcome to the Next Level!
Okay, this guy is badass. One of the things about the VVV is that the villains weren't really that threatening. We even had a commander of the week for a while. Even a main character like Cain wasn't doing much against the good guys.
This episode changes that. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only reason why Cain didn't do all this sooner is that he didn't want to.
E-Elf as cartoonishly competent as he is gets utterly outdone by Cain. Physically. Mentally. Stylishly. For every plan he makes, Cain has already prepared countermeasure. He poisons the students. He waffles the VVVs (This was hilarious). 
And of course, the end.

Final Thing, yes this post was way late. Sorry about that.
Final Final Thing.  this post contains very little speculation. There is a reason for that. Next week I will do a post on it.

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