Sunday, June 30, 2013

Suisei no Gargantia 13

Sadly Underdeveloped

And this is over.

Okay, let’s start with the positive.

Pinion is awesome. The guy really stepped up in the last two episodes. The way he tried to protect his crew and even sacrifice himself for them were nice moments. Guy even got the girls.

Likewise, the Fleet Admiral (the old man not Ridget) deciding that they are not going to run away was a good character moment. These guys don’t go running back to Gargantia. They don’t say “Oh how wrong we were.” They say, “These are our choices. We are owning up to them and being badass.”

Humanity Fuck Yeah!

Also, Chamber’s last lines. Guy is awesome.

Harem End!

That’s about it for the good stuff. This was a highly disappointing episode.

I’m honestly not sold on Striker going “This is totally what Kugel wanted.” Yeah… I am pretty sure Kugel didn't go “Yeah, make them worship you as God.” Did the guy even wake up on Earth at all? If we say Striker is following Kugel’s orders perfectly, then that makes the Alliance cartoonishly evil.

If we say that due to being a computer, Striker is misinterpreting stuff and has gone nuts, then there is no point in mentioning Kugel at all. It’s a nuts AI not the Alliance.

Also, what the hell was Ami doing there? Seriously? Two mecha are fighting and you go say hello?

Worse of all, Chamber dies.

Chamber the best bro of all, dies.

I would have sacrificed a thousand Gargantias so Chamber could live.

Thousands of them.

At the end, Ledo becomes just another citizen of Gargantia, continues his resumes whatever relationship he had with Ami, and even plays nice with the whale squid.

Greatest Character in the Show
Hazard is disappointed.

The relationship between Ledo and Ami is barely a thing. Other than that one scene with Ledo discovering he has hormones. Doesn't really help that Ami comes across as a little kid next to Ledo. Ami has never really managed to “get” Ledo, which is a big flaw in this supposed relationship.

Ami’s friends are poorly developed… actually a lot of characters are just not really developed all that well.
The Hideous… what was the point? We still have one big unresolved war in space. Just because the anime wants to end with an “an everyone is happy” ending doesn't mean it is true.

Overall, Gargantia started out promising, but it was unable to handle its own themes. Characters were underutilized. Conflicts swept aside. Issues simplified. The conflict of ideologies never reached a satisfying resolution.

And there was not enough fanservice. With character designs like that, it’s a damn crime.

Gargantia was a disappointment.

Hazard's Final Side: His own.

Pinion and Chamber are badass though.


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