Sunday, June 9, 2013

Suisei no Gargantia 10

Suffering Part 2

So I’m kind of torn on this episode. Some things I liked. Some… not so much.

Mainly Pinion.

Seriously, what the hell?

Leaving Gargantia to kill some whale-squid? Cool. Doing it to get revenge for your brother? Fine. Going power crazy in record time? What the hell?

Now, I can understand the logic of keeping the best stuff to yourself, but going out of his way to antagonize other ships was just too much. I mean yeah, the guy has always been greedy but he has shown plenty of other qualities. He's not perfect. He’s a flawed character, but he never struck me as a stupid one.

Final Boss
As it is now, Pinion is well on his way to becoming a conqueror and not a cool one (or he would be if not for the proverbial bigger stick showing up at the end). 

Hazard is disappointed.

Then we have Gargantia's  Reaction… I’m sorry but am I supposed to care about the dead Whale-Squid? Gargantians don’t even know they were humans!  

Besides, let’s be honest here, if there was something out there that was as big a danger to our continued existence as the Whale-Squids are, we’d be shooting them down.

It annoys me this is likely set up for Gargantia to be in the “Right” of things.

Superior Logic
Now some people may find Ledo’s existential issues a little annoying. I’m kinda okay with them. Guy has been taught he was protecting the human race  and it turns out the guys he has been fighting the whole time are actually human. It's not so much "I killed people! How Terrible!" but rather "What the hell have I been doing all this time!" His reason for being took a big hit.

Luckily Chamber was there.

I am sorry I doubted you Chamber. You are a bro.

His speech was the best moment of the episode, especially the end which is basically Chamber telling Ledo to live. You don’t expect the robot to say that, but Chamber is just that much of a bro.

It also touches something I have been wondering about. The Hideous have given themselves great bodies, but they have also turned themselves into animals as far as intellect goes. Is that the case for all Hideous or could there be “leader” Hideous and the ones we have seen so far are just drones?

All in all an episode more good than bad and that ending promises lots of things to come.

Hazard's side this episode: Chamber.

Final thing, I won't be posting an update tomorrow. 

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