Saturday, June 22, 2013

Valvrave The Liberator 11

L-Elf, Master of Social Skills

Oh boy. Where to start here?

Prime Minister Shoko

Shoko has to deal with being the new Prime Minister, which is all fun and games until Dorssia attacks. I’ll say this for her; she handled it better than many would have.

Better than Satomi would have.

I like Satomi. Not going to lie. He has a better head for all the administrative stuff, but he really doesn't handle conflict well (and I’m not just talking about this episode). Had he been in Shoko’s place, he would have probably broken down. For all her crazy ideas and silly behavior Shoko has a lot of mental strength. She's the girl that can come up with a crazy 'let's make our own country' idea when all hope seems lost.

She's going to need that mental strength, because this episode really sucked for Shoko. The enemy using her father as a hostage was one thing. Being able to do nothing as your love interests unknowingly kills him? That’s another level, and it isn't even the whole story.

Shoko's going to be a mess in the second season, if she survives next episode that is. 

Akira and L-Elf

She Lies!

Our two loners. Both of them get a little spotlight here. L-Elf once more shows his ruthless side. The guy would have really killed Shoko had he said the wrong thing at that conversation.

Hazard is surprised, though I really shouldn't be. Mister Ham and Eggs is a ruthless guy.

This episode also marks the first time his strategy “really” fails. As in someone actually outsmarts him. With a drill. Complete with a snazzy one liner.

I have to wonder if Cain could actually hear Haruto when he said that or if it was just a matter of making him look cool… it was probably just the cool thing.

As for our final VVV pilot (come on, we all know she gets purple wizard by now), we see her condition goes a little beyond being shy or anything like that. Getting closer to Shoko has been good for her, but once she ventures too far out of the cardboard the memories start to come back. 

Girl is kinda traumatized.

Saki and Haruto

As I said earlier, oh boy.

This was something else.

I really would have liked more interaction between them this episode. Haruto's desire to address the elephant in the room. Saki’s desire for normal interaction between the two. All while they grow closer. It was nice.

Now there are different ways to interpret Saki’s actions this episode.

Emotional manipulation for one. Her speech about always been alone, hiding Haruto's cell phone, and the comment about not letting Haruto apologize. It can be interpreted as keeping him in some sort of emotional bondage using his guilt. This is the more cynical interpretation I think.

On the more positive end,  there is her embracing Haruto last episode and quick line about how being alone is painful when she saves him. In her way, Saki's trying to reach out to Haruto. She’s trying to tell him he’s not alone in this. In this light, her not wanting Haruto to apologize can taken as her not wanting to blame himself because she doesn't blame him. She's offering companionship (and more given her feeling for him).

The truth, quite likely, is somewhere between the two interpretations.

Now the other side of this drama surprises quite a lot too. Haruto is one of those character you initially want to dismiss as Bland Protagonist #6, but he keeps surprising you. 

I liked that he saw through Saki and told her she’s not alone when she tried to pass it off as her just remembering her lines and that he immediately noticed and addressed Saki’s tone during the whole “Sure, go and save Shoko.”

His last lines took the cake though, make that the cake store. All of them.

I was as shocked and exited as the cute little AI.

Marriage! Taking responsibility indeed. Was this what he planned on doing all along? Something he decided during the time he spent with Saki? Ah, screw it all. Important part, Haruto proposed.

Of course, that’s kind of a huge death flag, but protagonist + Vampire… man, I really want to see next episode now.


  1. If Shoko doesn't become a Valvrave pilot, I will be sorely disappointed with this anime.

    I guess that puts me at odds with your pick, or at least it would if not for the possibility of them both becoming pilots.

    A possibility hinted at by the future vision, which referred to a Golden Seven.

    1. It kind of hints at 7 VVV pilots. We have four; so that's 3 slots left.

      It's possible I guess, but I somehow don't see Shoko as a robot pilot.

    2. The only reason I'm even considering the possibility is because I can't see a real reason behind why L-Elf did what he did this episode otherwise.