Friday, June 14, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! 11

The faces never stop.

This episode contained a lot of things so let’s see I can go over the most important ones (for me obviously).

First, The Ashiya is sick joke is getting old. Now, this is obviously important. It’s happening to him for a reason. By now Hazard believes there should be no doubt this is more than a funny sickness, however this is still way too much spotlight. Basically, the comedy cow is dry. It's dry and dead. Spot trying to milk it.

Second, James. This was a weird. Maybe it made sense in the Light Novel to keep his identity secret. Here we see his hair. We hear his voice. We know he is James, there is no point keeping his identity mysterious. Sidenote, Hazard admits he has no idea what James’s real name is. James just fits so well I never bothered to learn it.

Oh No You Didn't!
Third, Suzuno! We get more of her past this episode. It is the stuff one would expect from someone who worked for the Inquisition in a fantasy setting, but it was still good to see where Suzuno is coming from in terms of choice. She doesn't really want to do these things, but greater good and all that.

Which brings us to her argument with Chiho. Both of them raise good points. Maou has done plenty of stuff and this sudden change would seem suspicious (to say the least) to someone familiar with the old Maou. To say nothing of whatever past crimes he may be held accountable for.  At the same time, Chiho and us (viewers) have only known Maou as this really hardworking guy who has gone out of his way to help others plenty of times.

Heroic Charm! 
Fourth, Emi. This is something that I didn't realize was missing, but now I am glad it is here. She’s the Hero (well, was before the show started); so it’s nice to have a heroic speech moment with her. Up to this point, we have seen her fight and that’s cool, but that type of “I’ll make everyone happy” speech is a must for a hero. 

Final thing, Lucifer is a tech savvy guy. Shouldn't really be surprising with the stuff he did earlier but it is damn weird seeing a guy from a fantasy setting actually learn all this stuff. 

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