Saturday, June 8, 2013

Valvrave 9

Jumping at the Call is Hard

It’s two Valvraves for the price of one!

Dog and Thunder

Okay so this was supposed to be a Kyuuma episode, but I just like Thunder more. Guy is cool. Got a kick out of him getting jailed for repeatedly trying to get into the Valvrave.

Anyway, the theme here was personal vs communal. The answer was “Everyone? Fuck Everyone!”

I kind of like it. There is the good of everyone but if that “good” isn't going to make you happy, then what? A guy has a right to his own desires and dreams.  You can think “I want to do this, but for everyone’s good I’m going to wait until someone better does it for the good everyone” but is that thinking really okay?

Preach it, Thunder!

Kyuuma spend a good part of the episode telling himself to be a calm, logical machine, but he ended up following his own emotions and got into the VVV.

Now that Hazard thinks about it, all the VVV pilots have done for personal reasons.  Of course, it is likely that the contract is going to end up biting them in the ass.

Also, Aina is now a Fully Certified Newtype Ghost.  Congratulations!

Space Vampire

So once again we see Haruto vamping out. Coupled with the cute interface claiming she is hungry.

It would be a bit scarier if Haruto wasn't so easily knocked out by L-Elf.

Soon, she will send killer robots from the future
It’s also interesting that so far Haruto is the only one who has vamped out. He is also the only one with the Cute Girl Interface. It would really suck for Haruto, if he ends up being the only one with that problem.

In any case I expect to see more Space Vampire stuff in the future.


As of this episode  I ship L-Elf/Shoko.  The look he gave her when she put food in his mouth was priceless. It was like, “Curses, this is delicious!”

Back to the plot, the episode starts with the changes L-Elf has brought. The guy is pretty much in charge of military matters now, which means in charge of a lot of stuff. The students are all training in guns and other military stuff.

Of course, L-Elf is still L-Elf. Guy manipulated Kyuuma and Thunder into piloting a VVV…. Not that doing so was hard at all, but it was pretty clear he “fell” for Dorsia's trap only so that would happen.

To Haruto’s credit he calls L-Elf out on this immediately. A smart change from the blind trust he showed earlier.

As I noted in an earlier preview, L-Elf has something really important and he’s going to do whatever it takes. Even stuff Haruto may not approve. Haruto is going to need to keep his eyes open before L-Elf pulls another fast one on him.

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