Sunday, June 2, 2013

Valvrave the Liberator 8



These episode has three things I want to talk about. First being the aftermath of Aina’s death (Glasses Girl).

It is the first time a student dies since the kids declared themselves a new country and the effects are felt across the school. People are grieving all over. We even have a classical “Why did you save her?” moment from Kyuuma (friend who made the donation website).

Thankfully, he snaps out of it soon enough.

All of that, however, is unimportant when compared to the scene with the teacher. I can make fun of Valvreve for a lot of things, but that scene with the teacher trying her best to clean the blood… It touched me. Hazard will admit it. It really touched me.


This guy has no luck. I feel bad for him. Really.

He is the Student Council President and prior to the whole war thing he was probably a big shot around the school. Thing change. Now Shoko has way more influence than him. Haruto and Saki are the big hero Valvrave pilots.

He is still doing stuff, but he has basically being reduced to middle management. It is pretty obvious he’s not the guy in charge and he knows it.

Then there is the whole deal with Drills who may have had something going on with him, but Saki/Haruto made a way too big impression on her.

This episode hammers the nail some more, when he finds his sister with Shoko of all people. His sister then proceeds to throw him out as it was a vulnerable moment for Shoko, not that he knows it.

I mean look at how crushed he looks.

The guy then makes one desperate grasp for power. Being fair to him holding L-Elf hostage was not a bad idea (if you disregard the fact that L-Elf could have killed him at any moment), however he really was not in a right emotional state there. Depending on how this develops he could go down a rather dark path.

Hazard truly hopes future episodes hold better things for him.

I like my Coffee Sweet

Finally, Char and Amuro… I mean L-Elf and Haruto join forces. We have ourselves a cool battle and crazy plans (seriously blowing a hole in your space module cannot be all that safe).

Totally not Yaoi Bait

We get some info on L-Elf’s past as well as what drives him to be so… cartoonishly competent. It’s still just a short glimpse, but it is something.

It has taken a few episodes but Haruto and L-Elf are on the same page… or at least in the same book.  They have reached some sort of compromise but only time will tell if that really works out.

L-Elf has the keys to the kingdom in a sense and there is no telling what he will do with them. Haruto trusts him because he knows there is someone important to him, but that’s the thing. There is someone that matters to L-Elf a lot more than anything else. 

Time will tell how that plays out.

Final Thing, H-Neun’s talk with Kriemhild was hilarious.

Smooth H-Neun. Real Smooth.

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