Friday, September 6, 2013

Majestic Prince 22


The Command Center

And the final battle begins. For the Fate of the World!

Meanwhile, Izuru is… wearing an apron. And a leash… I can’t say it isn't necessary given the person in question, but I am pretty sure there were other methods that would have worked just as well to keep him in place.

Nowhere as amusing though.

The atmosphere in the command center with Izuru going around serving tea, seems oddly relaxed and at odds with the stuff going on outside. It’s a pretty big contrast, but I can’t say I dislike it.

The Opening Act

If you know what I mean

As we know Team Rabbits must destroy the Gate. It’s up to Asagi, Ange, and Tamaki to lead the charge.

Obviously this critical time is just the right moment to avenge Team Doberman!

Yep, it’s team Rabbits vs The Wulgaru General that killed Patrick, Boob-I mean Lutiel. Lutiel is what I mean. Right.

Have to say it was kind of nice seeing Tamaki being the one to recognize her and deliberately go out of her way to fight.

And Suruga got himself a really big gun.

Thankfully, while all this is happening Izuru not going out into the battle means Savage Char is not going out to battle. Talk about unintended benefits.

The Brawl


Like always the battles, in this anime are really good. Sure this episode reused a few parts, but the overall quality was great.

Now the battle between Tamaki and Lutiel brings chaos to the battlefield. Tamaki doesn't care because she wants to kill the bitch and Lutiel doesn't care because Wulgaru don’t roll that way. I have to say I liked this bit. It doesn't last long and things don’t end in a climactic battle between the two, but this little part was good.

As an aside, did Asagi manage to go super mode for a second there? Because that was damn cool. Not as cool as Izuru but cool.

Now Lutiel proves she is too strong for any one team member of Team Rabbits, but the way they took her down as a team was pretty damn good. The choreography for that moment was great.

That said, I am kinda sad to see Lutiel go. Sure, she killed Patrick and all. But Hazard will always mourn the loss of a beautiful woman. 

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