Saturday, September 21, 2013

The World God Only Knows III 11

There is a Smooth way out of this, but how?

Ayumi Fanservice!

Keima confesses his love for Ayumi. It was, of course, completely necessary for Ayumi to be naked while all this was going.

Keima wouldn't have been able to hold her panties hostage otherwise.

With a typical tsundere reaction, Ayumi goes to meet Keima and romantic developments ensues. The two have an easy time creating a good mood. Of course that may just be my inner Keima/Ayumi shipper acting out.

What can I say? I am biased.

You guys have always known that.

Not Even A Moment

I can explain... probably
Of course, with Vintage chasing after them getting time alone is hard. To even interfere with dating lives! How evil.

It makes it hard for Keima to create a good romantic mood. Guy’s lucky Ayumi actually likes him. Putting up with all the quick switching around would be hard to otherwise.

Luckily (or maybe not) Chihiro comes through with a plan and manages to find shelter for all… and promptly tells Ayumi the truth or part of it at least.

Naturally Ayumi is pissed.

Now this is some kind of roundabout plan of Chihiro’s but… yeah… Come on, city’s crawling with devils.

The Prince

Marriage is a Complex Relationship
On a white horse without a single intention of apologizing…

That’s kind of admirable in a way. A weird way, but a way all the same.

Ayumi’s reaction is equally shocking. Marriage? What type of who will chicken out first game is this?

A hilarious one.

I loved this part of the episode. Seeing the two of them not willing to budge an inch was good. It hit the right notes in between heartwarming (Ayumi’s confession) and funny (“I love you” battle).

Only one episode left and things are really heating up. Haqua vs Vintage Girl. Keima and Ayumi! I am so hyped!

Final thing, I had actually this post finished up three days ago. I thought I had already submitted the thing.

Life's funny that way.

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