Wednesday, September 4, 2013

HST Report #12

Dazzling the Stage!

Bleach #547

Bleach is back!

All my issues with the manga aside, I really missed it.

We pick up where we left of more than a month ago. Shinigami base is now Quincy base, and like any good villain they provide exposition of just how this happened.

Yeah, turns out the Quincy had always been there.

In the Shadows.

Watching you sleep.

Talk about hiding right under their nose. You got to respect that level of stealth. Mayuri was the only guy crazy prepared enough for this, and like always we got one on one battles about to take place.

It’s on!

One Piece #720

A Stalker has Appeared! 
So stuff happens.

And misunderstandings between Headbutt guy and Luffy which I am not really a fan of.

We do get a little bit of Blackbeard though. That was interesting.

However, the real shining part of this chapter goes to Bartolomeo.

Guy’s a Strawhat fanboy.

How shall I say this… Boa has competition.

I mean yeah, there is stuff about the Coliseum being secretly horrible, but who wasn't expecting that. It’s a Coliseum!  With Gladiators! 

Naruto #645


Despite this being a Fate of the World battle, it’s surprisingly fun. It really is.

Case in point, Tobirama reminding Naruto that as cool as Full Bijuu Mode is, he needs Sage Chakra to actually harm Obito and subsequent reactions. The interaction between Naruto and Kyuubi was really fun too. The two have grown rather close in a short amount of time.

On the more serious side of things, Sasuke is feeling inadequate and I can’t say I blame him. Naruto is incredibly strong right now. Thing is, stuff happens when Sasuke is feeling inadequate. 

Also, Tobi’s putting the Moon Eye Plan in motion. Finally!

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