Sunday, September 15, 2013

The World God Only Knows III 10


The Last Conquest

At last, the finish line is in sight! The final goddess hides inside Aymu… which was kinda obvious from the get-go with the whole Mercury being associated with speed and running around and Ayumi being in the track and field club. Yeah…

Anyway, one big problem blocks Keima’s way! You know, the whole heartlessly broke Chihiro’s heart? Yeah, that stuff, but Keima is nothing if not persistent. The way he so easily inserts himself into Ayumi’s life through the Class CafĂ© was pretty nice.

Plus we got Maid Ayumi!

The Complications

This is Completely not Awkward at all
The Chihiro factor hangs heavily in the interaction between Ayumi and Keima. Ayumi doesn't completely hate Keima. Falling out of love with someone is not an easy process and the events of the first conquest still have an effect on Ayumi.

But! Chihiro still happened. Chihiro being anywhere near the two is enough to put their interaction on ice. There is just way too much guilt there. Ayumi can’t let herself be that close to Keima without feeling like an absolutely terrible friend.

Things get Worse

Boy, do they. After a season of being a shadowy presence in the background, Vintage appears!

They even kidnap all the goddesses… isn't there a limit for villain competence? There should totally be one. Lune makes for a decent bad guy.

But have no fear, Haqua is here! Badass rescue scene there. We even get a little more background info on Hell.

Of course, even with Haqua’s (And Nora’s) help, things are not going to be easy. Every single one of Keima’s conquests has been captured and are in danger of losing their lives.

Oh, And Chihiro overheard the entire strategy session.

Yep, things are coming to a head.

Final thing, I know I haven't updated in a while. Sorry about that. Things got busy for a moment. Don't worry, I am going to go through all the posts I have missed. Expect the Majestic Prince episode uploaded tomorrow.

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