Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HST Report #13

No Need to Worry, Omaeda is here!

Bleach #548

And we begin with… Omaeda…

Because that’s exactly what we need right now. Omaeda. Such an important, transcendental, plot vital character. Yep.

To protect his little sister, he’s up against the guy that took Soi Fong’s Bankai. Yep, that’s gonna go well for him.

On the other side of Soul Society, now Quincy Castle of Doom, with many times more plot armor and fans, is Hitsugaya. A classical Fire vs Ice Battle begins. Hitsugaya is obviously at disadvantage not having his Bankai and all.

But that’s fine. He has strategy. With Matsumoto’s help, he makes vacuum layered ice wall that totally protect him from harm. Yeah… that should not work that way. I get what Kubo was going for, but it should not work that way. Mohwak guy better get up. Guy has at least one Super Mode in reserve. 

On the plus side, this chapter had Matsumoto so it evens out.

One Piece #721

Burn the Witch!

So we get backstory for the female gladiator, because that’s exactly what we needed while all the other important stuff is going on. I have said it before, and I will say it again: Despite Ace’s Devil Fruit being on the line, the Coliseum events just don’t  feel all that important.

Anyway, we do get some insight into the history of the country and learn that Doflamingo wasn't always in charge. Toy Soldier is likely linked to the Royal Family in some way and might even be Female Gladiator’s dad.

And yeah, that’s pretty much it for this episode.

Naruto #646

Extreme Gardening!

The Juubi’s real form is… a tree.

Did not see that coming. Though it does make some kind of sense. It explains where Mokuton came from, why was Hashirama clone linked to the Gedo Mazo, and the flower head thing the Juubi had going on for a while.

We also get a Creation Myth. Pretty cool. The Juubi was a giant tree, and the Sage’s mother took the fruit therefore learning of Chakra. Things kind of spiral from that point. Why did the Juubi wait enough years for the Sage to grow up and actually fight him? Not a clue. Maybe that’s how long it takes for a giant tree to become angry enough.

In any case, I want to remind everyone of something. This is a creation myth. Large parts of it are most likely true, but this was something that came from the Uchiha stone tablet. A tablet that you read with a Sharingan and new content is unlocked as you go up in fancy eye power. A tablet that also speaks of the Kyuubi. 

My point is, this was probably not written by the two people who lived through this stuff (Sage and his Mother), but probably by the Sage’s son or even the descendants of his on.

Also, Sarutobi is still alive! Yay!

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