Thursday, September 5, 2013

The World God Only Knows III 9

Sad End


The date between Keima and Chihiro continues. As expected of Keima things go well in that awkward way teenagers with no romance experience have. Too well even.

So it’s actually pretty bad that there is actually no Goddess inside Chihiro.


Yeah, Keima really goofed up on this one. Chihiro is just an ordinary girl in love. No wings or halo for her. So it’s up to Keima to fix this up and… break her heart?

Even though Chihiro is not favorite character I genuinely felt bad for her there.


He so Deserved that One

By process of elimination Chihiro not having a Goddess means the last Goddess can only be inside one girl, Ayumi. Indeed, the Goddess has been appearing to Ayumi all this time!

Now, if only Ayumi hadn't seen the whole thing with Keima telling Chihiro he was just playing with her.


This has not been Keima’s best night. How to say it? The guy is headed for a Bad End at this rate.

Diana and Tenri

Insert Overly Obvious Word Here

Naturally, Keima is feeling pretty miserable at this point. He is really not such a heartless guy that can do all he does and not feel bad about it. In fact, the current state of things can be seen as some type of self flagellation.

But Keima really doesn't have time to dwell on it all. There are still important things happening.

Like Diana falling in love with him.

…Yeah, I can ship them.

The guilty Goddess tries to force some interaction between Keima and Tenri, and I have to say that I liked the scene. 

Normally, Tenri doesn't have that much of a presence, but maybe it is because her lack of presence that that she really worked as a calming influence for a very stressed out Keima. But just because he is better spirits doesn't mean the road ahead of him is not a long one.

Like 3 episodes or so... why do seasons go by so quickly? 

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