Monday, September 16, 2013

Majestic Prince 23

Of Course!

Blast the Gate

The Gate is in front of them, but destroying it proves to be a pain. Fancy lasers don’t work, and the Wulgaru won’t let a single missile even get close to it. Which means the good guys have to get even closer to the Gate if they want a chance at winning the war. That means making their way through the enemy lines.

Team Rabits is losing their energy fast and the same can be said for the rest of the army.

To top it, Savage Char decided that if Izuru is not coming out, well, then he is going to drag him out.

By attacking his teammates.

Despite not talking to him, he has a rather good grasp of Izuru.


Adorable. He really is.

The Team fights against Savage Char! To their credit, they put a rather good performance, but their energy levels are way too low and this is not a simple One vs Many fight. There are plenty of guys fighting in the war, as shown by another one of the generals interfering.

I love little things like that.

Izuru must step up, but not before confessing his love for everyone. Guy’s a really sweet kid, and his speech was a touching moment.

The hero is going to save the day…. Probably!

The Battle

I see you

The Real Battle beings and it is awesome! Izuru vs Savage Char doesn't disappoint. The little moment with Izuru realizing the best way to use his robot’s Instincts may have been a little too quick, but it works. Plus, again, awesome!

We even got the return of Team Doberman… all one of him… :(

Anyway, back to Izuru, he takes his giant robot to even greater heights. Seems like it is all up to him, but is that really alright?

I mean, look at that face of his at the end.

Is he going to be alright? 

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