Wednesday, September 11, 2013

High School DxD New 10

Because the other images I could have used are so not PG

Akeno, Issei and Rias

Issei asks Akeno about the stuff Kokavial said. Turns out, Akeno is actually Half-Fallen Angel. As one can expect this is the right time for an “I don’t care what you are, I like who you are” scene.

Akeno/Issei Moment Follows.


Then Rias comes in. Obviously. The life of a harem lead is not without complications. That said, the typical development does lead into something interesting. The distance between Issei and Rias. Issei thinks of Rias as someone above him.

It stems from his first girlfriend killing him and all, but it does pose a lot of trouble in terms of future relationship development.

The Training

Focus! The Ultimate Attack is Within Reach!
Gasper’s training continues and he is even making some progress.

All for the sake of Issei groping time stopped girls.

Like a hero.

How shall I say it? I am thinking of Gai and Lee as I watch this disciple-student pair, but something about it is definitely twisted.

Then again, Ero is Justice.

Plus, say what you will about Issei’s goal, but it definitely seems to be helping Gasper’s confidence.

The Three Powers

We also get quite a bit about the other factions this episode. The Leader of the Angels shows up and gives Issei a cool sword. Plus, Irina! I was not expecting her and I am glad the anime team switched things up a little on this one.

Of course, Azazel is also there.

Going around and declaring peace so openly in a meeting where everyone is beating around the bush, the guy’s badass.

Shame it looks like someone is not on board with that.

With two episodes left we are heading for one big brawl!

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