Thursday, September 26, 2013

The World God Only Knows III 12



Vintage’s agents have spread all over the city. The goddess are captured, and Haqua is fighting Lune.

Who is a masochist. And crazy.


Meanwhile, Ayumi waits for Keima. Dressed in a wedding dress.


Keima debates whether to tell Ayumi the whole truth but ultimately decides to answer just one question of her. This question being, “Do you love me”. He answers no. Ayumi eventually gets sick of the whole ‘only one question’ game and punches Keima in the face, demanding for answer.

Naturally, Keima refuses, saying he doesn’t want her help and he is not doing this to get anyone to like him. He just wants to reach the Ending without letting anyone else takes responsibility. This is his love.

Which is followed by telling Ayumi he loves her.


After some comedic moments and declarations of mistrust and love, the two finally kiss. I may not be taking long to describe it, but these were really good moments.

Anyway, as predicted the goddess inside Ayumi wakes and Diana (who somehow has wings now) rushes in and takes her away. Other demons from the Capturing Squad show up to fight Vintage. It’s one big brawl, but Keima’s part is over.

The Goddesses are rescued and Lune chooses to retreat.

Morning arrives as Keima and Chihiro retreat. She asks him why he chose to date her and if she had something inside of her two. Keima replies she had nothing to do with this, which makes her sad to say the least. Later, Chihiro prepares for her concert. Turns out fighting evil forces really messes up your schedule because the other members for the band aren’t there yet. Luckily they show up at the last second. Even Kanon shows up and asks to sing with them.

As the music plays we get to see a few characters from previous season and a few that were skipped.

Plus wings.

Meanwhile a girl a broken heart sings.


Yep. This was sad.

This was a good episode. It managed to do a lot of things without feeling too rushed. There was a good balance between the action scenes and the more emotional scenes. Likewise, the resolution of the Chihiro plot received a suitable if heart-breaking resolution.

Also, Keima/Ayumi wedding!

My inner shipper is satisfied.

As for the season overall, this wasn’t as good as the first two seasons. It tried to do a lot in relatively little time and suffered for it. The content from episode to episode didn’t flow as smoothly as it could have.

It also skipped a lot of manga content in order to get to this arc. While I understand the decision to do so, perhaps it could have been implemented better in an effort to make it more accessible to anime-only viewers.

All that said, this was still a good run. The duo of Keima and Haqua offered a different mode of operation when compared to Keima and Elsee, which better suited the seriousness of the arc. Likewise, the anime did a good job at setting up the tension for this arc. At least during the early episode. The tension is lost a little during the middle.

The romantic scenes between Keima and the girls were fun to see and Keima’s character took a step forward during this arc. Speaking of Keima, like always, he remains a strong main character and manages to bring a special feel to the series.

All in all, while the best it could have been, the third season was good.

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