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High School DxD New 12

Dragon Time


And the final fight begins!

Casper chooses the moment to really man up and breaks the time barrier. Got to say, that’s a nice resolution to his little character arc these past few episodes.

With the barrier down, it means everyone gets to help.

Which means Akeno transformation scene because why the hell not?

Meanwhile, Azazel reveals he also has a Dragon Type Sacred Gear and he can even go Balance Breaker. 

He easily dispatches Leviathan, though she manages to take his arm.

Badass Fallen Angel is Badass
Then Vali cheap shots him.

Yeah, turns out he has gone traitor. Azazel then reveals some information about the antagonists, the Khaos brigade. They are a group that has been gathering power to go after the three main powers, and they are under Ophis, another really powerful dragon.

Oh, and Vali is a descendant form the original Lucifer, which probably make him the strongest White Dragon Emperor.

Yeah, it really sucks to be Issei right about now.

Vali is not unaware of the difference in status between him and Issei and proceeds to taunt the guy. He offers to kill his parents to give him proper motivation to become strong. This does not go over well with Issei who uses the bracelet Azazel gave him to achieve Balance Breaker once more.

The Strongest White Dragon
The two dragons duke it out, but Vali has a clear advantage. It is only through clever use of his transfer ability and his dragon slaying sword, Ascalon, that Issei manages to destroy Vali’s armor. Far from being angry, Vali is really happy and recognizes Issei as his rival. He wills his armor back into existence once more and gets ready to fight again.

The power of Azazel’s bracelet starts to wear off and Issei realizes he is not winning this without taking some extreme measures. He grabs one of the fallen pieces of Vali’s armor and merges it with his to take in his power.

Vali decides to get serious and uses Half Dimension to start halving everything around him.

As Azazel explains even Rias’ breasts will be halved at this rate.

Hell No!
Issei… loses it… his power skyrockets. That wonderful pervert.

With strong born to protect Rias’, Akeno’s, Asia’s, Xenovia’s, and Koneko’s boobs, Issei manages to defeat Vali!

Ero is Justice.

Then Vali stands up… how strong is this guy?

There is not fun without a Monkey King

Luckily the fight is interrupted. Bikou, a descendant of the Monkey King, shows up to take Vali away.

Good thing he does because Issei’s strength runs out shortly after.

The next day, Azazel shows up. He is their new teacher and is going to make sure they grow stronger.

Also, Sirzechs has decreed that all the girls sleep in Issei’s house.



If there was something wrong with this episode is that it did too many things. Otherwise, the fight between Vali and Issei was satisfying. Vali comes across as a really powerful antagonist and Issei puts on a good show for himself. We also get a sequel hook and I really hope we get one.

As for the show overall, it’s fun. Fanservice. Comedy. Action. And some good character moments at times.
The animation wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t horrible either. The episodes could have been better paced at times, but that is a problem all adaptations run into.

Man, I am so glad I lost that arm

Azazel was a good addition to the show. Guy is just awesome, and it is nice to see he is staying as a regular character. Likewise, the character development and exposition some of the older characters received (Kiba and Akeno) was good to see, and Issei remains a strong main character. That wonderful pervert.

Overall, High School DxD New delivers exactly what it promises and a little more.

Like Akeno in casual clothes. Yes!
A really fun anime from beginning to end. 

Why can't more fan-service anime be like this?

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